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Spiritual Formation

The Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action is committed to the spiritual formation of persons who desire to join God’s ministry of racial healing. By spiritual formation, we mean the “spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional development” of human beings endowed with the Creator’s image through spiritual practices, scholarly research, and diverse community. Our primary foundation for practices, research, and community is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices or spiritual disciplines are activities or exercises that aim to direct one’s entire mind, body, and soul towards deep engagement with God and interactive sharing of life with others. These practices engage people at both the individual and community levels. By taking part in these practices, we will not only foster substantial social camaraderie with one another, but will also heighten our own intimacy with God that renders us open to the Spirit’s transforming power across the lines of racial distinctions.

Scholarly Research

Critical inquiry into the subject of race through sound theological lenses requires a deep commitment to intellectual qualities like, humility, open-mindedness, and attentiveness. In this sense, the spiritual life and the life of the mind are not independent of one another but are to be viewed as a unified whole. The Center aims to share its scholarly research by providing materials, educational opportunities, and other relevant resources to any who have a desire to deepen their understanding on race and its function in the church and broader society.

Diverse Community

Community is an essential dimension for proper spiritual formation. While some spiritual practices require our individual attention, not all are to be practiced in total isolation. Similarly, critical inquiry and dialogue on subjects like race almost guarantee productive argument. However, as we find value in robust conversation, we also value and prioritize a commitment to one another as fellow human beings created in the image of the same God. The Center will thus provide events that not only foster meaningful dialogue but also serve as a catalyst for deepening the bonds of friendship between people across lines of race.

Racial Unity Leadership Events

The Carl Spain Center on Race Studies & Spiritual Action hosts annual Racial Unity Leadership events across the country to enhance individuals and develop their leadership. The goal of our Racial Unity Leadership events is to provide spiritual formation and an educational learning experience in order for us to have a deep impact on communities of faith through the exercise of spiritual disciplines. We accomplish this goal by gathering each May for what we call our Racial Unity Leadership Summit and each December for our National Racial Unity Leadership Prayer Retreat. We hope you can join us! Visit our events page for more details on upcoming Racial Unity Leadership events.


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