the carl spain center

Experience a renewed “inward orientation.”


Mission / Vision

The Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action was created to honor the legacy of Carl Spain by conducting conduct research on the historical and contemporary role of race and racism in the church and its Christian institutions. The Center heavily emphasizes spiritual formation by utilizing prayer, solitude, biblical meditation, and silence as methods to address racism that is often “spiritualized” in the hearts of Christians. The Center seeks to equip churches, church leaders and lay members alike, to understand and respond to the call for racial unity by providing experiences, resources, and tools expand their understanding of the racism and to draw them closer to God and, in so doing, draw them closer to other Christ followers regardless of race.

The Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action honors the courage and legacy of Carl Spain, an ACU professor who challenged the school to open its doors to Black students with his speech, “Modern Challenges to Christian Morals,” at the 1960 ACU Lectures (formerly ACC).

 “The spirit of racism can only be put to rest when people of all races join together in experiencing a renewed “inward orientation.” Genuine social integration is impossible in the absence of a pre-established “spiritual” integration involving the hearts, minds, and souls of the interactive participants.” – Dr. Jerry Taylor, Founder and Director