All kinds of images, from stained glass artwork and iconography to Sunday School materials, have been the constant companion of our religious texts. We’ve rightfully devoted much attention to the written text; studying its origins, transmission, translation, and application. But have we fully considered our images: their origins, transmission, and application?

Implicit Bias Studies have shown that nearly 75% of U.S. Americans possess a pro-White racial bias, regardless of their own racial identity. And for many, this condition has taken hold by the age of three. What many do not realize, is the powerful role that movies, children’s books, and other forms of visual media play in developing and sustaining this worldview. Instead of offering a solution, religious imagery has (for many) functioned as the cornerstone of this racial worldview.

Author and artist Brian Dewayne presents some thoughts on how our longstanding practice of ‘viewing the biblical narrative’ may have something to contribute to the conversation about American Race, American Religion, and what we’re teaching our children.

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